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The two Popes of 2013

2013 barely started and something bombastic hit the news in February: the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI! He became the first Catholic leader to resign since 1415 and opened an … Continue reading

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Acidente no Itaquerão: legado de Sérgio Naya ainda assombra o Brasil

Moro atualmente em Praga, na República Tcheca, um pequeno país localizado na Europa Central que faz divisas com a Alemanha (Oeste), Áustria (Sul), Polônia (Norte) e Eslováquia (Leste), portanto, o … Continue reading

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Snowden trial on the way

In the early days of last summer a contractor employee of American National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, poured a bucket of cold water over Barack Obama’s head by bringing … Continue reading

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The mess at FIFA with Qatar decision

As these lines are written the top management of FIFA (International Football Federation Association) is getting together in Zurich, Switzerland, to decide on what to do with Qatar’s World Cup … Continue reading

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Running and 100 push-ups: should I think about triathlon?

There is a “mystic” around getting married and/or becoming a father for the first time. This “mystic” basically says that after one of these two moments you become more responsible … Continue reading

September 20, 2013 · 2 Comments

USA can spy the world but cannot control internal HR

12 people were killed last Monday (16) in US Capital City during a shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard. The shooter, Aaron Alexis, died on site. He was later … Continue reading

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Invading Syria

Today I was going to write on lighter subjects, for example about my 100 push-ups program that I will start on Monday, but it is impossible to keep my mind … Continue reading

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