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Am I online or offline?

My wife gave me as a Christmas present a new Kindle to read books that can be easily downloaded online or simply bought with “1 click button” on Amazon. I got her a Thai massage section and a weekend trip to a spa out of the town via Internet. We booked our train tickets to visit her mother on the other side of the country online and while travelling we had Wi-Fi for whole time to make sure that we are not offline.

As we arrived at my mother-in-law’s place I promised that the Christmas time was going to be only for the family, no intrusions, which means: no technology allowed! When I returned to my “normal life” online, I found out that Schumacher was fighting for his life, my favorite books were under special discounts and that the trip to the spa had to be done in less than 2 months or it would expire.

My wife on the other hand opened her Facebook and realized that she missed thousand of updates from her friends, plus the uncountable Merry Christmas wishes that needed to be answered. I managed to turn the Skype on and say hello to my parents on the other side of the planet and send a big kiss to a friend living in New York from my couch in Europe.

After all, I opened my e-bank to check the status of my saving accounts on the clouds and finally found out some similarities between my old offline daily activities to my current online life: I am still broken. So, I decided that it was needed to work harder or perhaps score a new job, so I filled up the form in a website specialized in finding free-lance jobs, fingers crossed! My sister sent me an e-mail saying that she is already in London, soon will be in Prague visiting me, so I called her via Skype paying via credit card (this thing accepts anything).

Next day I go to work and realize that my credit card will have to be pinched once again to buy me more credits for the public transportation, so I updated my e-ticket to travel around the town, read my new books on my new Kindle and arrived to work where I used a chip to enter the office. I turned on the computer and check my e-mails to find out that a lot of clients tried to contact me and I did not reply. So, I thought with myself: “how could I? I was offline…”


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