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Running and 100 push-ups: should I think about triathlon?

There is a “mystic” around getting married and/or becoming a father for the first time. This “mystic” basically says that after one of these two moments you become more responsible (which is true, at least in my case) and that you easily gain weight and a rounded belly that looks like you swallowed a watermelon (which is partially true in most cases).


Triathlon is a sport that pushes people’s own limits: should I invest in it? Photo: Manuel Quiroga Manuls via photopin cc

I must confess that since I got married in August 2009 and became father for the first time exactly two years later, I have been quite lazy! Perhaps it is this thing of “been more responsible” that made me to focus my life more on work and family than on my own health. For the last 24 months I pretty much left aside any type of sport activity and, eventually, became a “couch potato”. (That hurts!!!)

With the busy life in the office and then later at home with my son, I started to spend my little time off watching TV, reading and surfing the Internet. As a result of it, my body gained a “G form”: swallowed and painful. Each day that I managed to wake up before 7am was like running a marathon!

It went on this path until last July when I read a blog here at WordPress called Pipe Down Piper written by Lucy Piper. The post that took my attention was entitled Rapha Women’s 100 Melbourne, where Lucy describes some of her difficulties to keep training for triathlon competitions after a surgery and during hectic times. At some point she says: “But since last Sunday I’ve been flat-out with non-sport-related projects” – the article was written on Friday – meaning she is constantly busy with sports events that push her to start one project after another. When I read that, something hit my mind, like a punch from Muhamed Ali, and instead of knock me out, it woke me up. How about drawing a sport-related project and leave my sedentary life behind?

Nevertheless, it took me another month to take some action. The tipping point was a terrible back ache that made me to walk like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I went to a doctor who told me that I had to start practicing sports otherwise the pain would come back after the effect of all analgesics that she was prescribing (and the watermelon was going to grow inside my belly).

On Monday, August 19th I woke up at 5.45am and started running. Actually, on this very first morning I only walked, but from the next day I pushed myself to make the running a routine. Nowadays I run daily and feel devastated when I get out of the bed after 6am.

However, I only started my real first sport-related project last Monday, which I plan to accomplish before Christmas. The 100 push-ups program! I never thought about how much I like push-ups, and how good it is! First of all it helps to burn calories and gives your body some strength and a decent shape. Second, it is for free and you can do it anywhere at any time.

The idea of this program is to make you to score 100 push-ups without any pause. The maximum that I ever managed was something around 30 before becoming a father and getting married a few years ago. Can I make the 100 now?

Well, we will see! The thing is that I finished my first of 6 weeks of training today. Basically, the program prepares you to slowly reach the final goal. You train 3 days a week doing a certain quantity of push-ups and resting 60/90/120 seconds between the 5 sets of push-ups daily. As the weeks go by, the number of push-ups increases constantly.

And after my first 3 work-outs I feel great! I managed to go through the first week doing even some extra push-ups to what is recommended on the program and started to feel my body getting stronger. And the best of it is that my watermelon belly has gone – also thanks to my daily running, off course! I am very happy and excited about the future. I will stick with this 100 push-ups program for now and promise will place a video here of my first trial for the 100 mark!

However, some questions already started to rise in my mind! What should I do after these push-ups? I need to work on new projects up front so when I finish one I will have something to do immediately after.

Well, I can try the 200 sit-ups program for example, but honestly I feel like that I should build it up on something larger. How about running some road races next year? Let’s say 10km. Or perhaps biathlon (I love swimming too) or even triathlon (bike is not really my strength, but who knows?!).

Anyway, at moment I need to go step by step. First things first! The most important now is that I am not a couch potato anymore and the life has become brighter. I even have more power to play with my son, who by now is 2 years old and runs up and down crazily like Usain Bolt during his warm-up sessions. The future looks good!

But, what is next? What would you recommend? Running, triathlon, tennis? Any personal experience to share? I would love to hear your thoughts!


2 comments on “Running and 100 push-ups: should I think about triathlon?

  1. valuliana
    September 21, 2013

    Ever thought of giving Crossfit a try?

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