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Playing poker with Mr. McCain

The Republican Senator John McCain was spotted yesterday playing poker on his iPhone during the U.S Committee on Foreign Relations that was discussing whether or not USA should drop a few missiles on the head of Syrian people in the Middle East. And he answered this busting with great sarcasm on Twitter: “Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost!”

The new game has just started: Syria is the bet now

The new game has just started: Syria is the bet now Photo: Biker Jun (swamped until October) via photopin cc

It is really hard to understand exactly what he means about his reply online: is he ashamed of spending his time – which is paid by American taxpayers – playing on iPhone or is he really sad of losing the game? Perhaps he tried to say that he does not care about long discussions in the Senate or even does not care at all about the specific issue there discussed. Mr. McCain maybe tried to be funny, but the people of Syria is not laughing, they do not have time to even smile, but this does not really matter as long as he gets the jackpot!

Last Friday I wrote an article here about the speech of President Barack Obama on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King speech on “I have a dream”, which Mr. Obama says that “a better economic opportunity is our great unfinished business”. The text pointed out that there are several other issues which needed to be solved in relation to Luther King goals as US was about to immerse into a new military intervention. MLK is nowadays remembered for the “I have a dream” in connection to racial segregation in the US, but on his speeches he was also constantly criticizing the war in Vietnam and the wild capitalism in his country. Those two points are rarely mentioned, mainly by presidents, when discussing MLK’s legacy.

Yesterday, we could see how these two major issues continue to be unsolved businesses in the US (actually, it is a global concern). While a meeting with major American policy makers was running in the Senate about attacking Syria, Mr. McCain was betting “virtual money” (as he said) in poker. And while people in Syria are now mourning the death of their relatives, Mr. McCain is bewailing the fact that he lost the game.

In fact, the problem here is not only the action of playing itself, but the attitude of Mr. McCain! Some conferences like that may be really exhaustive and a waste of time as bureaucrats try to explain what cannot be explained, but Mr. McCain should have some sensibility and respect to the matter and behave like an adult and not a 5th grade student. To make it worst, he comes on Twitter with jokes! Instead of make fun of it, he ought to be apologizing to: (1) American tax payers who vote on him and pay his salary to work and not to play games; (2) Syrian citizens who are expecting a help, any help, from the US, as promised.

By not apologizing he demonstrates his arrogance in thinking that there is nothing wrong on his behavior, as well as, shows that he does not care about the public opinion. In fact, Mr. McCain makes clear that this is just a game and he is only betting. The thing is that he already lost online and, “worst of all”, nothing points out to a potential victory in the Middle East any time soon!


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