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Nadal did not lose in Wimbledon and Blackhawks won in Boston

Be a tennis champion is tough, but lose a game to an unknown player is even tougher. And Rafael Nadal showed yesterday that he is a great champion! He went down on the first round of a Grand Slam for the first time in history after an incredible lost to the Belgium Steve Darcis, number 135 in the ATP ranking, and left the court like a British gentleman!

Photo: Andre M. Pinto

Nadal went down in Wimbledon, but became a greater champion Photo: Andre M. Pinto

Nadal’s worst results in Wimbledon were 2 second rounds (2012 and 2005), but in 2013 he was not simply eliminated from the tournament, he was dominated by Darcis, who at his best managed to get to a 44th position in the ATP ranking in 2008: a huge upset that should turn Nadal’s head upside down. The two times Wimbledon champion (2008 and 2010) had a “tennis class” in London yesterday. Darcis explored Nadal’s backhand and abused of service/volley, coming to the net in pretty much every point and making Nadal overwhelming.

But more than losing the game, Nadal showed a champion attitude after the match! In 2009 when he lost to Robin Soderling, from Sweden, in the 4th round of Roland Garros, Nadal left the court infuriated and in a very bad mood. He did not want to accept that lost. Perhaps because he was the number one at that stage, perhaps because he had just won the Australian Open, perhaps because he was 4 times champion in France, perhaps because he had some issues with Soderling; however, the way how he took it was really negative.

Yesterday, Nadal left the Central Court in London like a real champion: head up and congratulating his opponent. He even stopped for a few autographs on the way out! This shows that Nadal did not lose the yesterday’s game; he simply became stronger as a sportsman! Congratulations to both: Steve Darcis and Rafael Nadal!

Ice Hockey

The NHL season came to an end yesterday with Chicago Blackhawks beating Boston Bruins, in Boston. The 3 x 2 result for the visitants was not predictable (especially in the way how it happened), but the overall victory was expectable! As I said here yesterday, the Bruins lost their confidence after the lost at 4th play-off game last Wednesday at home and seemed to be a bit confused on where to head now. There were some comments “here and there” that internal issues were affecting the team as well, but I believe that if these problems really existed were not responsible for yesterday’s result.

The Bruins players were that lost that after winning for 2 x 1 and with just 1 minute to go, they did not take in consideration the possibility of not going back to Chicago for the 7th match. A typical attitude of a team psychologically affected by a downturn! On the other side, Blackhawks squad was focused and made it to look easier when turned the result in order to conquer their 5th Stanley Cup in history.

Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks!


In time, I just would like to say that yesterday I also watched a game between Portugal and South Korea in the U-20 Football World Cup in Turkey and was impressed with the Asian team. What a great football generation South Korea is building! All players very conscientious of their responsibility in the pitch, a great classy pass and well structure defense: these all together make them a potential threat for the “big guns” at 2018 World Cup in Russia. Good luck Korea!


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