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Sports weekend review: boring Roland Garros final and exciting F-1 in Canada

This weekend was full of action worldwide with football World Cup Qualifiers, Roland Garros Final e F-1 in Canada. I also enjoyed pretty dry Saturday and Sunday in the Czech Republic after so many days of rain, so I am ready and fresh to tell you my sports weekend review of this week!

Roland Garros final this year was pretty boring

Roland Garros final this year was pretty boring

The Roland Garros final was boring again. It was a shame! Well, actually, shame was the attitude of some protesters at the Central Court of French Open. People say that same-sex marriage is destroying the “good principles” of a family, but what was that witnessed yesterday? Is this the way how to maintain or rescue family’s value? Anyway, this is another story and my opinion on that you may read here if you wish to.

The game itself was predictable. I remember back a few years ago a Rafael Nadal interview at Australian Open when he was still improving his English language skills, and he was asked how he did to beat his opponent (I do not remember who player was that) and after an explanation he finished saying: “that’s what I had to do to destroy him”. Nadal got pretty shy as the entire audience laughed at it. Destroy was not really the word he wanted to use and he apologized: I do not know another word to describe my victory.

Nadal did not mean to be rude. He is a good guy! Yesterday on his speeches in English and Spanish he was a gentleman, but this time the word “destruction” could easily summarize what happened in Roland Garros this Sunday, and he did not have to be shy. Nadal simply run over his countryman David Ferrer like a tractor and did not leave any chances for reaction. That was a massacre! 3 sets to lov in just 2 hours and end of story!

I would rather see Jo-Wiefried Tsonga playing yesterday. Although I do not think that the final result was going to be different, the Frenchman would have the supporters on his side and he could write this chapter in a much more interesting way. Nadal x Ferrer was like Roger Federer x Robin Soderling in 2009, someone got there to get the job done and the other just limited to try some good shots here or there!

By the way, I really thought that Federer was going to be in this final. How could he lose to Tsonga? The Swiss legend seems to be without much excitement to play, but instead he just wants to put on the show at every match. Perhaps in Wimbledon the story will be different, on the grass he becomes unbeatable!

On the women’s side, Serena Williams was great! She controlled the game against Maria Sharapova who ran out of answers to Serena’s great service. I am happy to see the American back on top, she is the one to be beaten now, no doubts about it! And for who was unfairly criticized for saying “I do not like tennis”, it is not that bad, right? I put all my money on her in Wimbledon!

Football World Cup qualifiers is warming up

Football World Cup qualifiers are warming up


In football, the World Cup Qualifiers are warming up! Italy was for me the major surprise on the weekend with the 0 x 0 draw against Czech Republic. I had the opportunity to watch the match and I must say that if the Czech team was little better technically (and also a little luckier) Italy would go home with at least 2 goals down on its scoreboard. Czech Republic dominated the game from the beginning and was much superior. Mario Balotelli was sent off in the second half in a depressing attitude. He managed to get 2 yellow cards in just 10 minutes and left the field punching the walls. Why always you Balotelli?

Still in football, Brazil finally won a game after 2 years! The World Cup holsters beat France for 3 x 0 in a friendly match, so they seem to be ready for the Confederations Cup that starts on Saturday, although stadiums and infrastructure for the event are still in development. Never mind, the show is more important than that, right?


Now, to finish my review today I must say that the Formula 1 this Sunday was great to watch. Sebastian Vettel once again won and showed that he and the RedBull are really serious about winning the 4th title in row. Ferrari team must be shooting themselves up with these results!

Fernando Alonso, however, did a good job coming in second place and Felipe Massa managed to well finish in 7th, overtaking Kimi Raikonnen in the last lap. If Massa had the same treatment than Alonso, perhaps Ferrari would be leading the constructors’ championship by now. Both are very talented racers, far better than Vettel and Mark Webber for example, but Ferrari’s policies of giving priority to Alonso is a damage for the own “Escuderia” itself.

By the way, it was great to see some fights inside the track. Alonso x Webber and later Alonso x Lewis Hamilton. The Spaniard proved again that he just needs a car as faster as RedBull to make a difference in this championship; nevertheless, it seems that it is too late for a reaction in 2013. The summer season is already entering its half way through and Vettel has 132 points against 96 of Alonso. I would not say it is impossible to catch up, but the way how things are it is easier for Kimi Raikonnen whose got 88 points to fight for a second position, than anyone “steal” this season’s trophy from Vettel’s hand.

Just one last remark here, the NHL (National Hockey League) in the USA is getting to its finals. Since I moved to Czech Republic I have been following ice hockey and I look forward to the Stanley Cup between Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks.


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