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Ethic is a foolish word in the football world

It is not a secret that the football game is a huge business. Millions of Dollars, Euros and Pounds are invested every year to hire new players around the globe. However, what happens “behind the curtains” is a secret that goes beyond any comprehension and the word ethic seems to be quite ignored by business people in football.

Football is losing its essence and roots with all obscure business out of the pitch

Football is losing its essence and roots with all obscure business out of the pitch

A couple years ago Joseph Blatter did a great move to maintain himself as a FIFA’s president when he managed to get his main opponent in the last elections out of the run under allegations of corruption. Hence, he was the only “player” to get on the “pitch”, what a fair play, hey?

Anyway, putting this case on the side (even because his opponent did not seem to be any better), what really frustrates me is the way how major clubs are now taking their businesses forward, disrespecting any ethical principle and the spirit of world’s most popular sport. Barcelona and Bayern Munich are the latest examples of this discrepancy.

Bayern made a “pornographic” offer to Mario Gotze during the final stages of Champions League 2013 and acquired the player even though there was a huge possibility that both teams would meet up in the major final. I would expect this behavior from several teams in the world, but honestly, from a German club, and specifically Bayern, it was a sad surprise!

And to make things worse Gotze did not play the final saying that he was injured. Perhaps it was true, but it is really hard to believe! He had 3 weeks to recover and above all it was a Champions League final! Only a World Cup final could be bigger than that! And is he not going to sacrifice himself for one last match? How many players in the world have the opportunity to play a game like that? How many have the opportunity to win that? For instance, Michael Ballack never won even playing for major European teams! I hope Gotze will never have to spend days looking back over his shoulders because of it, but he certainly threw away all the respect that Dortmund’s supports had for him and Bayern… well, what frustration!

Barcelona pays in advance for Neymar

In Spain things are not getting any better. Barcelona has just announced that Brazilian striker Neymar is moving on to the club right now and not after 2014’s World Cup as it was speculated. But before that, a huge drama in the last 2 weeks previous to the announcement was held in the media saying that Neymar was in doubt between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Eventually, he would have chosen Barcelona.

However, Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona’s vice-president, revealed on the club’s website that they paid 10 million Euros for Neymar in advance at the end of 2011, so it justifies why “this value was missing from Barcelona’s account last year”. Just one detail here, in December 2011 Barcelona played against Santos of Neymar in the FIFA’s Club’s World Cup. The Brazilian team lost for 4 x 0 and I do not think that without that money Neymar would play any better and the result would be different; nevertheless, it is commonsense and goes without saying that this attitude is just not ethical; plus, it also raises questions about the way how Barcelona handles its working capital.

How come a player can go out there to face a team that will be his next destination? Why cannot they do it after that match, in a clear way, without any “under the table” deals? What can supporters and football lovers expect from now? Can we believe that a football match is really decided inside the pitch?

Ethic is not a welcome word in this business and I doubt that it is even known!


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