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Sports Weekend Review: Roland Garros warming up and Bayern is Champion once again

During this cold and wet weekend in Prague, Czech Republic, I must confess that I was pretty lazy! Come on, it is June already and the highest temperature on the last 2 weeks in this part of the world was 15 degree Celsius. Plus, the water does not stop falling from sky. “Can someone shut off the tap up there!”. Anyway, at least I could follow some events worldwide. Here is my weekend sports review!

The clay court Grand Slam is warming up as it enters the second week

The clay court Grand Slam is warming up as it enters the second week

In Roland Garros the sun came out in the last 3 days, different to what happened in the beginning of the tournament; and some clashes were really impressive. Roger Federer is still holding on, though yesterday he struggled a bit. What should I say about Djokovic? He is rocking and is a great candidate for the title, no doubts about that! And Nadal continues focused to lift the trophy in 2013.

Last Monday I said that Federer was going to reach the final this year and the only guy who could stop him was Tomas Berdych. However, on the same day the Czech player went down. What a guess, hey? Perhaps that is why I never won the lottery! On the other hand, Federer will face now Jo-Wifried Tsonga, another French man on the Swiss way. Who will take this one? Both are playing well, but also showing some downturns. Federer strangely slowdown yesterday against Gille Simon (perhaps due to an injury after a fall) and needed 5 sets to go through to the semi-finals. Tsonga (who is still to drop a set in the tournament this year) clearly showed that his backhand needs some work. It is incredible how he avoids a backhand shot. He might not be able to do that against Federer!

Roland Garros is getting exciting and I cannot wait to get it rolling.

In football Bayern Munich is Champion once again. After lifting Bundesliga and Champions League Trophies, this time they beat Stuttgart for 3×2 in Berlin to get the German league title. Hey, how interesting is that? Last week I mentioned here about Benfica losing 3 titles in role (Portuguese Championship, Europa League and Portuguese League) and Bayern this time did the opposite. Good on them, the Kings of Europe!

By the way, if José Mourinho really moves back to Chelsea in the coming weeks, he will be facing Pep Guardiola in August, 30th during the Europe Super Cup, which is schedule to take place here in Prague, Czech Republic. They were enemies while in Spain. Would that rivalry continue?

I did not follow NBA over the weekend, so I cannot say much about that, but I look forward to the finals. On Saturday I spent the day on a Capoeira class here in Prague. Actually, I need to be honest, I was there taking pictures and not necessarily playing, otherwise I would be probably in a hospital at this stage after wrecking my back trying a move. But it was a great experience and I will write about it later today.


Update: as Chelsea confirmed on Monday afternoon that José Mourinho will be training the team in the next season, it will be interesting to watch the Europe Super Cup in August, when Mourinho and Guardiola will be debuting in their first decision match in their new teams facing each other.


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