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The technology is orphan: D11 screams for innovation

For the last 30 years the world saw a huge technological advancement with the creation of personal computers, mobile/smart phones, Internet and social media. And now, it seems like that the technology is “orphan” and it is desperately looking for something new.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other visionaries have not yet found their “competitors” in the second decade of the new century. There are for sure a lot of new things that came up in the last three years, but nothing that we can say: “wow, that changed the human life”! It is true that smart phones and tablets gained a lot of new functions, designs and features; but still, they are creations from the last decade.

Sometime ago I posted on this blog some of my predictions for 100 years from now. It was based on an article published by Yahoo! that highlighted the predictions made by John Elfreth Watkins Jr on “The Ladies Home Journal” in 1900. At that time he was already considering the existence of mobile phones. Now, in the new century, everything changes incredibly fast and just a few years after smart phones and tablets become popular, it is time to find out something new.

The All Thinks Digital (D11) conferences clearly show that the market is hungry for innovation! Technologists are looking for any kind of discovery to throw out there and say: “I’m a visionary”. Google came up with the Google Glasses idea, which is surrounded by skepticism! Actually, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sort of underestimated the device at D11 and said that computer on wrist would be more interesting, bringing to the light the iWatch concept. Nevertheless, everyone at D11 seems to agree that the technology’s “new wave” is all about: wearable/drivable/flyable/scannable.

iWatch and Google Glasses: will any of those inventions change the world?

iWatch and Google Glasses: will any of those inventions change the world?

To explain this expression is easy, actually, the above is quite self-explanatory, but still: where are the wearable/drivable/flyable/scannable products? Everything seems to be undergoing tests and beside Google Glasses, it is hard to see something really new!

In the meantime, smart phones are taking off, or better saying, speeding up. They are probably the closest wearable/drivable/flyable/scannable product available at moment. According to a report from KPCB (which you can see on the Slideshare presentation below), smart phones are now getting importance as media platforms. TV and Internet still the most effective advertising mediums, followed by radio, but phones are catching up quickly.

In China, for instance, mobiles are the third most used media after TV and Internet. This technological field is climbing and should soon match up with the World Wide Web. However, the world is already looking for something new. The market wants innovation; it is after a device or product that will change our lives just like personal computers, Internet, mobile/smart phones and social media changed not long ago.

Nevertheless, Tim Cook at moment is more concerned about his tax issues than anything else. Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer did not even show up at D11 (which does not necessarily mean she is not committed to something new), Microsoft seems to be well in a comfortable zone of “do not be the leader, be the follower”; and Google sort of started to show its cards with the glasses!

Obviously, there are several other companies out there that could be the latest synonym of revolution. As this report below shows, the number of new start-ups is growing more and more each year, and Instagram and Flickr are good examples of how powerful a small company may be, so they should not be underestimated. Nevertheless, a question is still out there: what will be the unprecedented creation of this decade?


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