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I was wrong: Federer will not face Berdych in Paris

Yesterday morning I published here a weekend sport review. It was going well until at the very end I decided to make some prognostics of Roland Garros 2013 (why did I do that?). I said that Roger Federer’s major opponent this year was Tomas Berdych, who would be the only one able to stop the Swiss legend of getting a place in the finals. Yesterday evening, the Czech player was eliminated.

After a semi-final lost in Australia, Federer has the chance to do the final in Roland Garros, a tournament that he won for the last time in 2009 Photo: Andre M. Pinto

After a semi-final lost in Australia, Federer has the chance to do the final in Roland Garros, a tournament that he won for the last time in 2009 Photo: Andre M. Pinto

Berdych lost to Gael Monfils in a game that lasted over 4 hours. The “gladiators” seemed to not get tired. Both were playing their best and it was a great show! I like Monfils’ style, it is different, it is funny, although, sometimes, I think he plays irresponsibly. The Frenchman is able to make a Hollywood move and put back an impossible ball. But then, in the next shot, he usually comes up with some stupid and amateur unforced error. Anyway, I am glad he is back!

And Monfils returned to the game smashing Berdych and my previous post. Now, Federer has an open road ahead to the final. I mean, he still have Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, who recently beat Federer badly and is playing at home, in a potential quarter-final; and David Ferrer, who still have to prove that he can be like his countryman Rafael Nadal and handle the pressure of a decisive match, in the semi-final. Nevertheless, Roger Federer is still a strong player to overcome those opponents.

On the other side of the table, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal should have no problems throughout the tournament. Nadal is back! Back at his very best! And he made it clear in the last tournaments played before Roland Garros. His eyes make clear what he is up for in Paris, and it is not about eating “crepes”. Now, Djokovic won in Monte Carlo and step in at Roland Garros to win his first Major on clay. As I write this post, the Serbian is playing against the young Belgium player David Goffin. It seems to be everything under control, 2 sets to lov for Djokovic, and despite the tie break in the first set, he is “nailing” the balls and running like Usain Bolt.

But this time I will not do any prognostic because I am likely to make another mistake. For now I will just sit back and enjoy the show!


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