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The Serena William’s case

I usually do not like to write on topics that are on the top 10 list of “Most Viewed Articles of the Week”; however, I feel like that Serena William’s case is a bit different. Once again her comments became a real hurricane that blew up people’s mind from Brisbane to New York. But, what is so wrong in saying: “I don’t love tennis”? Does she have to love it unconditionally just because she is one of the best tennis players ever?

It proves that the expectations over sportsmen/women are quite misguided. Maybe it happens because a career as tennis player, for example, seems to be quite easy and fun. Basically, all what you have to do is: exercise for whole day long, play a fun game, travel around the world in first class section (or in your own airplane), stay in 5 stars hotel, eat the best food and earn a lot of money!

Well, I was never a professional tennis player, but I am not hypocrite either. To be a tennis player must be a damn hard job! And to be a top tennis player must be even damn harder. However, the gains over the year must pay it all, you just need to go through the pain of daily exhaustive training and exercises, jet legs, weekly events and competitions, days and nights without (or with minimum) social life, limitations to eat some junk tasty foods with friends over the weekends (like pizza), etc.

Photo: Andre M. Pinto

Just like Serena, Rafael Nadal worked hard to become a champion; does he love the hard work or the feeling of beign the winner? Photo: Andre M. Pinto

                To be a sportsman/woman is necessary to really push your limits. Passion and love are certainly the additives to do so, but it does not have to do with your occupation itself. And Serena is a great example of it. She plays tennis because she loves the glamour of being a tennis player. She plays tennis because she loves to be competitive and win. She plays tennis because…well it does not really matter. In fact, she plays tennis because she loves everything that tennis has ever given her and still giving. And there is nothing wrong with it!

For example, my brother in law does not really enjoy his job – and he has been doing it for almost 20 years – but he loves the fact that his job enables him to have a bank account with 7 digits, so why to bother?

In my opinion Serena Williams is rather an example to be followed. As soon as she retires there will be a legacy: do whatever you have to do to reach your goals, but above all be professional, be honest, be the winner and take the best what you can take out of it!

Before you criticize Serena just stop for a minute and tell us (or to yourself): What is your legacy?


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